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Tom Murrill

Founder, Smart Studio

Having opened in the Summer of 2017, Smart Studio quickly became one of the most successful private musical instrument tuition centres in the Surrey area. Nestled away at the bottom of a private family garden, the studio has been a second home for many students since it first opened its doors. The quick success of the studio meant expansion was imminent & the team began construction of Studio 2 in the same location at the end of 2020 in order to add Singing & Vocal Coaching to the roster of services.


In 2015, the studio’s founder Tom Murrill (pictured) invested the money left to him by his late Grandmother into the construction of the studio and with the help of family and friends turned an empty plot into a fully-functioning recording studio.


Tom's Grandmother was born Patricia Smart, so when it came  to deciding on a name for the studio the choice was an obvious one. 


Not only is the studio a centre for musical instrument tuition, Tom is also an established composer for television and media with the studio serving as his personal composition hub. Having written music for film studios such as Netflix, Lionsgate, Nintendo, ITV, BBC, Tom continues to collaborate with composers all over the world on various high-level production music projects boasting credits with Warner-Chappell, EMI, Extreme Music & Audiomachine.


Our mission statement at Smart Studio; No matter your age, ability level or background, you can follow your musical dreams and we can help you get there. Whether it be learning to play an instrument, training for a musical theatre performance, boosting confidence both on stage (and in life generally) or learning to write & produce music, everyone has goals and we can tell you from experience that there is no more rewarding feeling than conquering even the smallest ones. 

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